Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Complete your beach look with designer swimwears and cape sets for women


A trip to the beach with your friends is always refreshing for both your mind and body. While daydreaming about your next beach holiday, you cannot help but visualise yourself in swimwear and adore the idea of indulging in beach side cocktail parties or lounging about under the warm sun. 

And nothing pairs better with swimwear with chic cover ups like cape sets that still show off your style. 

Follow our guide to choosing the best swimwear and cape sets before you turn the dreams of your next beach vacation into reality. 

Turn heads with swimwear for women 

We all want to own our beach bodies with the perfect swimwear for women. If you choose the perfect swimwear set for you, you can enjoy basking in the sun, with not a care in the world.

Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits, made up of a top covering the bust, and a brief for the bottom. With bikinis available in extremely stylish cuts, you can flaunt your body indulgently.  You can opt for strapless, string, microkini, and trikinis for an alluring look. Skirtinis too look quite attractive and funky at pool side parties and water sports.

Monokinis are one-piece swimsuits from the shoulder or the bust, to the bottom covering your rear. They are now available in halter neck, Brazilian, triangle and cut outs too and are a great option for women who are not quite comfortable wearing a bikini. If you have a heavier figure, you can always wear a monokini, which will also make your curves look prominent. 

Monokinis in bright colours, with or without sarongs, echo beach vibes to the T. 

You can always pair up bikinis with sarongs, if you want a bit of coverage, want to avoid getting excessively sunburnt, or if you simply wish to add more charm to your swimwear. 

Cape sets for women

The fall and flares in a cape set allow you to celebrate your femininity in full glory. Thanks to the designers, you can now get different combinations and cuts in cape sets for women. These sets in solid colours or dazzling prints, are perfect for date nights. Layered or embroidered skirts with cape sets and asymmetrical skirts with cape sets are sure to make you the showstopper at any evening party. 

How to Style:

Earrings, necklaces, headpieces and anklets made with beads and sea-shells go perfectly with swimwear for women. With cape sets for women, you can wear danglers, chandeliers, and drop earrings, and string anklets to complete your look. 

You can check out collections by designer labels like Wendell Rodricks, Shivan & Narresh, etc. for the perfect swimwear and cape-sets for women before you head out for your next beach vacation!

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